Crochet Abbreviations


Chain(s) Ch(s)
Chain Stitch Ch
Slip Stitch Sl St
Single Crochet Sc
Half Double Crochet Hdc
Double Crochet Dc
Treble Crochet Tc
Double Treble Crochet Dtc
Triple treble Crochet Ttc
Color A CA
Color B CB
Contrasting Color CC
Right Side RS
Left Side LS
Correct Side CS
Wrong Side WS
Beginning beg
Decrease dec
Increase inc
Loops Lp(s)
Round rnd
Repeat rpt
Space(s) Sp(s)
Stitch (es) St(s)
Skip Sk
Through thru
next nxt
Each ea
Yarn over hook yo
V stitch vst
Picot P
Popcorn stitch Pn st
Puff stitch Pf st
Knot stitch Kn st
Bullion stitch Bu st
Bobble stitch Bo st
Cluster Cl
2 Double Crochet Cluster 2DcCl
2 Treble Crochet Cluster 2TcCl
2 Double Treble Crochet Cluster 2DtcCl
2 Triple Treble Crochet Cluster 2TtcCl
Crossed Double Crochet CrDc
Crossed Treble Crochet CrTc
Shell stitch Sst
Slanting Shell stitch SSst
Back Loop Only Blo
Front Loop Only Flo
Front Post Single Crochet FPsc
Back Post Single Crochet BPsc
Front Post Half Double Crochet FPhdc
Back Post Half Double Crochet BPhdc
Front Post Double Crochet FPdc
Back Post Double Crochet BPdc
Front Post Treble Crochet FPtc
Back Post Treble Crochet BPtc
Front Post Double Treble Crochet FPdtc
Back Post Double Treble Crochet BPdtc
Front Post Triple Treble Crochet FPttc
Back Post Triple Treble Crochet BPttc
Herribone Double Crochet HeDc
Single Crochet 2 together Sc2tog
Half Double Crochet 2 together Hdc2tog
Double Crochet 2 together Dc2tog
Treble Crochet 2 together Tc2tog
Double Treble Crochet 2 together Dtc2tog
Triple Treble Crochet 2 together Ttc2tog

Reading Patterns:

How to read:

1. Dc on next dc, *1ch, sk 2dc, 2dc on nxt dc, 1ch sk 1dc, 2dc on nxt dc, rpt from * ending 2dc on last dc 2 ch, turn.

Explanation: Make one double crochet on next double crochet, *1 chain, skip 2 double crochet, 2 double crochet on next double crochet, 1 chain skip 1 double crochet, 2 double crochet on next double crochet, repeat from * ending with 2 double crochet on last double crochet, 2 chain and turn – i.e., instructions following * must be worked till last but one double crochet in previous row and end with 2 double crochet on last double crochet, 2 chain and turn.

2. (2dc in next dc, 1dc in next dc) 6 times.

Explanation: (2 double crochet in next double crochet, one double crochet in next double crochet) 6 times – i.e., instructions within parentheses must be worked 6 times, so that totally you will have 18 double crochet.

3. [2dc, 1ch, 2dc] in same st.

Explanation: [2 double crochet, 1 chain, 2 double crochet] in same stitch. – i.e., instructions within brackets must be worked in same stitch.


  • * – indicates that the instructions following are to be repeated as many more times as indicated in addition to the original.
  • ( ) – work the instructions inside the parentheses the exact number of times as directed.
  • [ ] – all instructions within brackets are to be worked in same stitch or space

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