Required Materials:

Small amount of woolen thread each

Color A

Color B

Crochet needle

Stitches Used:

Slip stitch

Single Crochet

Puff stitch


Chain – Ch

Slip stitch – Sl st

Single Crochet – Sc

Puff stitch – Pf st

Hook – hk

Repeat – Rpt

Next – nxt

Stitches – sts

Pattern:(Make 4)

With CA Ch4. End with Sl st to form a ring.

Rnd 1: 1Ch, 15 sc in ring. End with Sl st in 1st sc.

Rnd 2: 2Pf st on each sc across. End with Sl st in 1st Pf st.

Rnd 3: 1Ch, sc on each sc across. End with sl st in 1st sc. Fasten off.

Rnd 4: With CB Ch1, sc on each sc across. End with Sl st in 1st sc. Fasten off.


Now you will have a circle with 30 sts. Divide it into two (15+15).


Step 1: Take a circle. With CB Ch1, *(sc on sc,2sc on nxt sc).Rpt * in 15 sts.

Step 2: Now connect it to another circle with Sl st. 1Ch,*(sc on sc, 2sc on nxt sc). Rpt* in 1st 15 sts.

Step 3 &4: Rpt step 2 for remaining 2 circles

Step 5: *(2sc on nxt sc, sc on sc). Continue with * on remaining 15 sts in the last circle connected.

Step 6: Now connect it to previous circle with Sl st. 1Ch,*(2sc on sc, sc on nxt sc). Rpt * in remaining 15 sts.

Step 7 & 8: Go with step 6. End step 8 with sl st in 1st sc made in step 1.

Step 9: 1ch, sc on each sc across. End with sl st in 1st sc.

Step 10: Ch 8. End with Slst in same place. Fasten off. This remains to be the top of bookmark.


  • Cut 9 strands of thread in CA and 4 strands of thread in CB each measuring 40cm.
  • Fold a strand into two. Fold it again.
  • Now with help of a crochet needle insert middle of folded thread from right to wrong side of a ch at end, securing with help of your finger to form a loop. Now bring the remaining thread at front into the loop formed. Pull tight to make a knot. This is called Slip knot.


  • Continue with remaining 12 strands of thread in the same way.
  • Trim ends.

Now bookmark is ready to mark.



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