Crochet Simple Headband


Materials Required:

Color A yarn
Color B yarn (usage of colors depends on your choice, single color or two colors together can be used based on your preference)
Crochet needle
Elastic or rubber band

Stitches used and its Abbreviations:

Single Crochet – sc
Back post single crochet – bpsc

Design Pattern:

First cut a elastic first 6.5 and make a knot to form a circle. You can use a rubber band also.
With Color A and Color B  make sc around the elastic. End with slst and fasten off.
Row 1: Now make 10sc around the previous sc made. Ch1 and turn.
Row 2: Sc  on each sc across. Ch1and turn.
Row 3: Bpsc on each sc across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 4 – 80 : Bpsc on each Bpsc made. Ch1 and turn.
Row 81: sc around the opposite side of elastic. End with slst and fasten off.

Note: *Number of rows can be increased or decreased based on size of headband.


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